What My Sick Days Look Like

I’m sick. Boo! It started on Monday with a horrible back ache and scratchy throat and exploded into body chills, stuffiness, couch, and fever. I hate getting sick not just because of all the general yuckiness that goes all with it but because I consider it a failure. Last year a horrible stomach bug spread like wildfire through our house for two weeks over Christmas, while we had guests, and I simply decided that I wasn’t going to be one of its victims. I popped a Dramamine, took a two hour nap, and declared myself “cured” with nothing more than a tiny bit of nausea. That’s why on Monday I figured a scratchy throat and a back ache wouldn’t be a big deal and I only took some Motrin and used my heating pad. I’ve been camped out in bed or on the couch ever since so you can see how that turned out.

I am also the world’s worst patient ever. I won’t go to the doctor unless I’m bleeding from my ears or something. I don’t like medication, especially antibiotics, for minor illnesses. A bout of a MRSA infection will really turn you off. I also don’t know how to just rest. I can’t even blame the kids. Even when I was single and kid-free I would rarely just sleep away my sick days. Here’s what my sick days look like.

What My Sick Days Look Like | WrittenByJennifer #sickdays

Take the Longest Hottest Shower Ever

Oh man do I love a shower that exhausts the hot water heater! I don’t have the luxury of taking long showers every day because we have places to go, people to see. On my sick days, I cancel all of my plans and I turn on the shower and sit in the tub until the water turns cold. It’s relaxing. It helps warm me up when I’m dealing with chills. It simply makes me feel better.

Binge All the TV

I usually keep the television off during the day but all bets are off when I’m sick. If the kids are home with me I’ll indulge them in every show and movie their little hearts desire. If I’m home by myself or sequestered to my bedroom, I’ll binge all those shows that I’ve been putting off and add in a bunch of random documentaries.

Do Work, Do Work

I know, I know I should be resting but as much as I love a good nap or two, I can’t sleep the entire day away. Sick days are the perfect time to do all the things mostly because I’m not expected to do the everyday things other than the keep the kids alive. All that time frees me up to get ahead on working and work on those things I’ve been putting off.


I’ve been making a huge effort to eat healthier. I strive for low carb, high protein meals with fresh fruits and vegetables most days but on a sick day? All of that goes out the window. I love a good cup of tea and a bowl of soup but it gets old fast. Ice cold, bubbly soda or a Slurpee makes my throat feel so much better and my favorite comfort foods like grilled cheese and Chinese food really hit the spot. I tell myself a few days off the wagon won’t kill me. Besides what’s more enjoyable than eating your favorite snacks while binge watching Downton Abbey?

Take a Break

I eventually give in at some point and make a legitimate attempt at resting. I give in and let Tim wrangle the kids, we order take out, and I try to sit on my butt and do nothing. If I get a nap in or go to bed early bonus points to me. The real point is to not stress about being off schedule or relying too much on Tim to do the things I would normally handle.

What do your sick days look like? 



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  1. Amy says: Reply

    This last time I was sick I ended up laying on the couch all day binging on Game of Thrones for three days straight! I watched the entire first three seasons in one weekend…..25 episodes. I ended up binging again the next weekend because it was so good. Luckily I’m all caught up now. 🙂

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      That’s an awesome use of binge watching time. I still need to finish out the 5th season. It kind of lost steam for me after Geoffrey’s final performance.

  2. My sick days look like yours with pugs instead of children. Except I usually run documentaries while I work, so the house isn’t so quiet. On sick days, I watch Rom Coms!

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      Haha! I like that you switch up the filler from informative to light hearted.

  3. Cathy says: Reply

    Fortunately it’s been quite a while since I’ve been sick, but I’m totally with you on the hot shower. There’s just something about it that makes everything feel better, especially when it’s longer than normal and I pretty much use all the hot water.

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      Yep. It’s something about the shower, not a bath. I can’t imagine what our water and gas bills are going to look like next month though. 🙂

  4. Jean says: Reply

    My sick days look a lot like yours! I did get sick over the Christmas holidays despite my best efforts to thwart it off, and it was so miserable. The day I finally recovered was the day I was scheduled to go back to work, of course. When I’m home sick I like to watch fluffy TV shows or movies starring Seth Rogen and James Franco.

  5. Ali A says: Reply

    Oh geez, bad week for both of us! Hope you feel better soon, too! Sounds odd but sometimes we need an illness to force us to relax and chill out. Even after my migraine ordeal yesterday I was tempted to do things today: laundry, write a blog post, clean my apartment, etc. In hindsight I kind of wished I just laid in bed and watched movies, but that is sooo hard for me.

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      I was so sure the other day was going to be a one off and I was taking it easy…I got my ass handed to me for like four days after. I finally threw up the white flag and surrendered to bed. The only part I’m sad about is missing Kathie Lee and Hoda…I slept right through their hour. 🙁 I hope you’re feeling better.

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