Well That Was Fast

Early in October, I wrote about our dream list of locations the military could move us to. The list included Colorado, New Jersey, and Alaska (say it like Sandra Bullock!). That post was published October 4th. I am in no way exaggerating when I say the very next day Tim came home with news. Army, do you read my blog?

I’m a creature of habit if nothing else. I like to basically do the same thing every day so I feel like I have some form of control in my piecemeal life. By five o’clock most evenings, I’m in the kitchen, which is in the back of the house, preparing dinner that my kids will turn their noses up at. The kids are almost guaranteed to assault Tim as soon as he comes in the door after work. It’s a nice little alarm system I’ve got going with those two. This day was no different except I heard Tim tell Jack “I have something important to talk to Mommy about.”

This piqued my interest immediately. I assumed it was either family related or juicy work gossip. I can’t remember what I was cooking, I just know it required me to be standing at the stove stirring constantly. Tim came into the kitchen and leaned against the wall that divides my cooking kitchen from my storage kitchen. Our kitchen is really two rooms and very weird. I should have done a tour of this house when we moved in. I digress. So he leaned against the wall and he starts in on his news.

I always know it’s something major by the way Tim delivers it. If it was me I’d simply blurt out my news but with Tim it’s nuanced and slow and exactly the opposite of what I want when he’s sitting on big news. The only thing that’s worse than the way he delivers it is if he gets to the end of his story and it was not big news at all or he failed to get all of the gossipy follow up details.

“So I got a call from my career manager on my way home today.”


“Yeah. He said they (the Army) have a high urgency fill with a lot of moving parts and did I have any objections to it.”

At this point I stop stirring whatever I was cooking because this is what I’ve been waiting for. This is going to be our ticket off of Long Island! “And?”

“And he wants to know how I feel about Des Moines, Iowa.”

Well That Was Fast | WrittenByJennifer
This is the first thing I thought of when I heard “Iowa”. People of Iowa, I promise to learn more about your fine state.

“Did you tell him ‘yes’?” I start thinking about where I’m going to hide his body if he didn’t say “I think Des Moines, Iowa is a lovely idea.”

“I told him I’d have to talk it over with you but I didn’t foresee a problem.”

Frankly, we didn’t get too attached to the idea of Iowa because the last time the Army told us the first place we were headed (Arkansas) they turned around two weeks later and sent Tim orders for another place entirely (Long Island). The career manager told Tim there were “a lot of moving parts to this arrangement” so it would be a while before things were settled. I swear the Army most operate in reverse psychology because they say one thing and do the exact opposite. Not only did we find out that Tim had a new position but he had orders in hand within seven days…for Iowa.

We are shocked to say the least. Not in the location so much as the timing. We were told to expect Tim not to get a class placement for at least six months and then it could have been months after that before we got orders to move. To have an actual class placement for Tim and orders in hand is astonishing. I think we’re still processing it a month later.

So yeah, we’re headed to Des Moines, Iowa. And yes, Des Moines, Iowa was not on our wishlist of places to go. But that’s okay and military life is all about finding the silver lining. It’s within driving distance of Tim’s family in Colorado and the cost of living and living conditions (wide open space, limited traffic) in general are awesome. And like I said in my wishlist post, I do know someone in the state (Lyz Lenz, you should check her out) and another military friend “Facebook introduced” me to two other women living in the greater Des Moines area.

Unlike last time, we have plenty of time to plan this move. Or so it seems but that’s a post for another day. But yeah, Des Moines, Iowa!

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  1. Oh, wow! I know you weren’t the biggest LI fan and I know we never got to meet up but I’m still weirdly sad to see you go! (Maybe it’s the whole family connection?) I admire you for being able to take news like this well and how well you handle moving around quite a bit; I don’t think I could do it. Actually…I know I couldn’t. Best of luck to you!

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