We Summered


It’s been quiet around here as of late. I’m not sorry for that either. I summered this year and I summered hard. In fact, I wrote the first draft of this post while sitting on the beach while the kids built sand castles at the water’s edge. That best sums up what my summer has been like.

Summer always seems to come with a deadline, a sense of urgency. We need to make it count! We need to soak it up! We need to bask in it before it disappears forever! People, I promise, it’ll be back in another nine months. For most of my life though, I didn’t feel the big push to grab summer by the horns. When I was a kid summer felt like it would go on forever and I had a lifetime of feral living. As an adult, summer just meant less clothing and drinks that were more neon in color. Now that I’m an adult with kids I get it. We only have a certain amount of days at our disposal to do whatever we want before school and activities start again. So we did all the things!

With the exception of about ten days that the temperatures felt like a pot of boiling lava, we have spent almost every day outside this summer. It’s been amazing! We didn’t have a terrible winter but we didn’t truly get a spring. When summer did finally show up, I shoved the kids outside as often as possible. I took them to the playground, to the beach, bought them a bounce house, turned the sprinkler on and off a million times in one day, anything to get them outside. This is the first summer since having kids it hasn’t feel like a form of punishment to go outside for more than a brief respite from the air conditioner. I no longer need to carry a diaper bag around (praise Jesus!!). The kids can walk further and we can occasionally skip the nap/rest time I have religiously adhered to since June 2011.

Yay! We’re climbing rocks! #avalonparkandpreserve #MorrisonstakeLongIsland

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It’s been a nice break from routine and it’s allowed us to get to know our area a bit more. It’s also been a welcomed change of pace for me. I’ve consciously set things aside and not given into the feelings of guilt and pressure that I would normally allow to overwhelm me. I’ve prioritized doing things for enjoyment rather than obligation. I’ve slept in and taken naps!

Good morning!

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We still have about two weeks left of summer and plans to enjoy that time but I can feel the wind down starting to take place. We’re all a little itchy from the infinite possibilities available to us over the summer. We need some structure and some individual experiences. Am I glad we summered like professionals? Yes. But I’m also glad there is that deadline as well and I’m excited for our next set of adventures.

#BacktoSchool shopping. #kindergarten #classof2029

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