Things I’ll Continue to Do in 2017

Things I'll Continue to Do in 2017 | WrittenByJennifer

We’re hours away from saying “peace out 2016”. I know for a lot of people this has been a horrible year, for me though it hasn’t been a bad year. It hasn’t been a great year either. Yeah, some cool things happened for me and for our family but otherwise it was very “meh”. I don’t have any big goals or resolutions set out for 2017. There are a lot of things in motion for me already, I don’t think I need to add to the list any further. So instead, I’m going to keep doing what as worked for me thus far that includes:

  • curse
  • pee myself a little when I sneeze (because kids, amiright?)
  • read for pleasure
  • write my grocery lists and then re-write them in shopping order
  • pin shit I will never try, eat, or buy
  • drink whiskey

  • yell at my kids the same amount as I did in 2016 even though I think I won’t yell at them as much
  • laugh at inappropriate things
  • make dirty jokes
  • dick around on the Internet when I should be working
  • eat healthy at the beginning of the year and then slowly fall into a rut of carbs by October
  • squee at cute animals

  • leave my shoes in a pile by the bed
  • rewear the same yoga pants and hoodie as pajamas for a week straight
  • sing way too loud and dramatically to Taylor Swift

  • sleep with the TV on while Tim is away because murderers
  • wonder if I’m doing irreparable psychological harm to my kids
  • buy more notebooks than I really need
  • explain that I’m not from “Jersey Shore” New Jersey but farm New Jersey and not really New Jersey at all but that I am originally a Philadelphian
  • say “wooder” when I mean “water”
  • put my cold feet on Tim to warm up

  • eat way too much chocolate and cheese (but is there ever really too much??)
  • write “2016” until April

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