Things I’ll Continue to Do in 2018

Things I'll Continue To Do in 2018 |

You know what’s awesome about taking a six month break from writing your own blog? You get to come back and re-read said blog and find some wonderful gems that you completely forgot about. Case in point is my list of things I’ll continue to do in 2017. I’ve cast aside resolutions and I’ve even given up on assigning a word for the upcoming year. Instead last year I just acknowledged that I’m a creature set it my ways that hates change unless it’s change that I really want.

So without further adieu, I present to you my list of things I’ll continue to do in 2018:

  • do jigsaw puzzles on my iPad
  • ask for practical things like wool socks for gifts
  • fall down the rabbit hole on conspiracy theories
  • ignore the mess that is my house until one thing sets me off into rage cleaning

  • have more internet friends than IRL friends

  • abuse the ability to post gifs in Facebook threads
  • being uncomfortable when the slight hint of emotion is detected
  • yell at my kids
  • wonder if I’m doing irreparable harm to my kids
  • assure my friends who are also parents who are also yelling at their kids that they’re doing a good job parenting
  • fall asleep to Forensic Files
You can totally hear the intro song in your head. Admit it.
  • take on one thing too many
  • yell obscenities at a person through the computer and then deal with them in an adult / professional manner once I’ve gotten that out of my system
  • roll my eyes anytime someone uses “fake news” in a serious manner
  • roll my eyes at the news
  • read the comments (they’re my version of a reality show)
Michael gets it.
  • wait until I resemble a sheep before scheduling a hair cut
  • be in shock when the calendar says “December” and commiserate in the shock with every adult I know
  • publish something with a typo or error in it despite having proofread it
  • write “2017” until April

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