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  • I Did It

    This time three years ago, Tim was away for an entire month of training, similar to what he’s doing right now. It was a difficult thirty days for me. The kids were much younger, Jack was eight months old, Sophia was two and a half. It snowed at least twice a week for the entire […]

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  • Live From Iowa!

    Live From Iowa! | WrittenByJennifer

    I’m coming to you live from suburban Des Moines, Iowa! We made it!! The eleven hundred mile drive wasn’t bad at all. Long Island’s final gift to me was absolutely zero traffic on Monday morning when we left. It took me thirty-six minutes to get from the Southern State Parkway to the New Jersey side […]

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  • Ode to Long Island

    Ode to Long Island | WrittenByJennifer

    Tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow we leave New York for the last time, for a very long time. We begin our trip to Iowa. To say we’re excited is an understatement. We are thrilled to be leaving Long Island behind and most of what comes with it (the traffic, the high cost of living, […]

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  • Move Update

    Move Update | WrittenByJennifer

    So…it’s been a while. I had planned to write much earlier than this especially after the semi-cliffhanger I left you with in my last post regarding our upcoming move to Iowa. But then the election happened and it completely turned me off from the internet for a while; which is somewhat difficult to do when […]

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  • Well That Was Fast

    Early in October, I wrote about our dream list of locations the military could move us to. The list included Colorado, New Jersey, and Alaska (say it like Sandra Bullock!). That post was published October 4th. I am in no way exaggerating when I say the very next day Tim came home with news. Army, […]