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    This time three years ago, Tim was away for an entire month of training, similar to what he’s doing right now. It was a difficult thirty days for me. The kids were much younger, Jack was eight months old, Sophia was two and a half. It snowed at least twice a week for the entire […]

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  • I Made It Through Winter

    I Made It Through Winter | WrittenByJennifer

    There are chalk drawings littering my driveway’s black top. This morning, I sat in the back of my SUV with a mug of tea and watched Sophia pedal her bike in circles. Later she and Jack enjoyed lunch seated at their picnic table on the back deck. These are all very mundane and run of […]

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  • The Pencil Theory

    The Pencil Theory | How I plan to manage anxiety. | WrittenByJennifer

    With two kids, a husband in the military, and a job of my own it’s easy to say: my life is busy. It’s not crazy or unpredictable but it is busy and things other than my standard routine and responsibilities crop up all the time. I’m old fashion and I rely on a paper planner to […]