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Something New | WrittenByJennifer.

Hello there! Yes, I’m still here, alive and well. Iowa did not swallow me whole. Actually the complete opposite. I fucking love it here! That’s a topic for another day though.

It’s been super quiet around here over the last few months. At first I chalked it up to moving and the holidays but after those excuses passed by I still couldn’t muster up enough energy to write here consistently. I think the truth is I’m a bit burnt out on everything right now. The internet is a raging cesspool of hate and intolerance and annoying, inaccurate memes. I’ve had to install a filter on Facebook because I just can’t deal with it anymore.

There’s a post sitting in my drafts about how the election season (2 very long years of it)¬†crippled me but I was so crippled that I couldn’t even get that post finished, coherent, and published. I constantly asked myself “Why? What’s the point?” and thought “It’s just going to add to the noise”. And frankly that’s what I feel social media has turned into recently…a lot of fucking noise. So I didn’t publish it and I didn’t publish a lot of things I was thinking (and yelling at the TV or computer). I went quiet and tuned out. And it’s been great!

But that creativity in me was still there. I was itching to do something. Emi of It’s Not Me You Suck / Jane Bloggs fame (infamy?) and I got to talking about the Mandela Effect one day in late December and then true crime. Our conversations quickly spiraled down the rabbit hole of weird. And then one of us made the joke that we should have a television show to talk about all this weirdness. It went from being a joke about a television show to the actuality of hosting a podcast.

Weird Is the New Normal |

Could that be anymore accurate? Each week Emi and I talk about a weird topic. Our first episode, live today, is on zombies and just how little we really know about them. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, we’re not very serious. There’s a lot of laughing, a lot of cursing, and very little research beyond a Wikipedia article. But the important thing is it’s fun and I haven’t felt like writing and social media in general has been much fun in a long time.

So here’s my shameless plug: listen, share, rate & review it. We have a few episodes already in the pipeline so there’s more material coming. You can get more information and follow us over on our website.

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