Snow Day on Long Island

Snow Day On Long Island | WrittenByJennifer

When the Army originally told us we would be moving to Arkansas, one of the first things I mourned was the lack of real winter we would have. I don’t know how people in the South do it…50 and 60 degrees during January and February is not winter. I knew I’d have to kiss the hope for any snow goodbye. I love, love, love snow…it’s what makes winter. It looks beautiful, it gives you an excuse to stay in your pajamas all day and cook and bake and eat it all without feeling guilty because snow calories don’t count and you’ll burn them all when you go out to shovel and sled. I not so secretly always hope for a giant storm any time the weather guys start talking snow for all of these reasons.

You’ll understand then when we found out we were actually going to Long Island that I was relieved that my winter experience wouldn’t be too different from what I was used to. I’ve also been hoping we’ll get a good storm at least once each winter while we’re here because who knows where we’ll end up for the next assignment. New York did not fail me. In case you haven’t heard, we got slammed with a blizzard this past weekend and we experienced our first snow day on Long Island.

Snow Day On Long Island | WrittenByJennifer

How could you not want to wake up to a scene like this? This was the view from my bedroom window on Sunday morning. Snow can really brighten up the otherwise just blah days of winter. And as someone who likes to use natural light when I pick up my camera, snow can take the sunshine to the next level.

Snow Day On Long Island | WrittenByJennifer

I mean, just look at this picture. I took this with my cell phone’s camera. I can only imagine what it would have looked like if I had pulled out my DSLR. Don’t let Jack’s thousand yard stare fool you. He liked being out in the snow and even took two runs down the sledding hill.

Snow Day On Long Island | WrittenByJennifer

Sophia surprised us with how much she loved being out in the snow. This was her first year really testing out her sled and she did awesome. She had absolutely no fear and declared sledding “AMAZING!!!” If you’re on the South Shore in Nassua County, Newbridge Road Park was a great sledding spot for younger kids…the hill was just high enough for our gang.

Snow Day On Long Island | WrittenByJennifer

This was the gorgeous sight we were provided as we were leaving our sledding spot (you can see the hill off to the left). I couldn’t imagine not having opportunities like this once or twice a year. I love our snow days.

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  1. Ali A says: Reply

    you’re so right; the snow makes the prettiest photos! we did a little photoshoot on the beach/boardwalk yesterday for my friend’s clothing company and NONE of the pics needed editing/filters. glad you enjoyed your first long island blizzard!

  2. Mary says: Reply

    How fun! So glad to see you had so much fun in the snow. I love watching the snow from a far distance 😉

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