Sick Day Part 2: I Basically Imploded

Sick Day Part 2: I Basically Imploded | WrittenByJennifer

Last week I wrote about how I spend my sick days. I wrote it while I was in the throes of a sick day on Tuesday. I let the kids rot their brains out with all the television they could handle while I surfed the internet from my perch on the chaise under a fluffy blanket. I thought for sure it’d be a one off and I’d be back to being more productive on Wednesday. Yeah that didn’t happen.

Some time between Tuesday night when Tim came home and realized I was running a fever and middle of the night Wednesday morning, I basically imploded.

Sick Day Part 2: I Basically Imploded | WrittenByJennifer

As weird as it is, I pride myself on not getting sick very often and when I do it’s only a minor cold. This was not a minor cold though. I tossed and turned all night Tuesday into Wednesday because my body hurt and I was freezing and then I was sweating and then I was freezing again. I even took a shower at 2 a.m. because I couldn’t think of anything else that would relieve my discomfort. After getting ready for work on Wednesday morning, Tim took one look and me and told his bosses that he’d be working from home. Working from home when you’re in the Army…go figure.

And thank God he did because I was in no shape to take both kids to school. I wasn’t in any condition to do anything besides get that weird sleep you get when you have a fever and sip tea and chicken broth from the bagel place across the street, which felt like I was swallow shards of glass because my throat was so sore.

This went on for days. Days I tell you! I dosed myself with so much Tylenol and Motrin I should have purchased stock. In in order to get a reasonable night’s sleep I had to take a half dose of NyQuil for a few nights, which is basically deciding being high for the next twenty-four hours is a better choice than the sleep deprivation caused by not being able to breathe out of my nose and the horrible cough I developed. These are real life choices I’ve had to make in the past week.

Sick Day Part 2: I Basically Imploded | WrittenByJennifer

finally kicked the fever Monday night but I’m still coughing like a several-pack-a-day smoker. My abs haven’t hurt this bad in a long time. And speaking of abs, I haven’t seen the inside of the gym in almost three weeks. I’ve been feeling run down for the entire month and now I know why. I have put off almost everything…cooking dinners, going to the gym, writing, parenting (well I’ve been getting by on the bare minimum). Tim has more than stepped up to cover me on the important things.

Today is the first day I actually feel like I could attempt something other than self-diagnosing myself on WebMD. (Spoiler alert: It’s not cancer…probably the flu.)

Sick Day Part 2: I Basically Imploded | WrittenByJennifer

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  1. Kacy says: Reply

    Ah! I hate the flu! I hope you shake the last of it soon and get some good rest 🙂

  2. Jami says: Reply

    Oh my gosh?!?!

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