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  • Well That Was Fast

    Early in October, I wrote about our dream list of locations the military could move us to. The list included Colorado, New Jersey, and Alaska (say it like Sandra Bullock!). That post was published October 4th. I am in no way exaggerating when I say the very next day Tim came home with news. Army, […]

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  • Get to Work: The Work From Home Files

    Get to Work: The Work From Home Files | WrittenByJennifer

    As many of you know, I work from home. I have worked from home almost exclusively, save for seven months while I was pregnant with Jack, since 2009. I love working from home. And I sometimes loathe working from home. Mostly I miss the opportunity to bullshit with my coworkers on Fridays and the birthday […]

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  • Big News

    Big News | WrittenByJennifer

    We received some big news last week. No, I’m not pregnant. I will smack anyone who immediately makes that their guess any time I say I have news to share. No, we found out that Tim was selected for promotion. You’re probably like “That’s cool” but a promotion is so much more in the military […]