My Long Island Bucket List

My Long Island Bucket List | WrittenByJennifer

As I’ve said before, I was less than thrilled when I found out we were moving to Long Island. When we originally thought we were headed to Arkansas, I had an easier time reconciling the news. We would do all sorts of outdoors things and experience living in a new part of the country. We could and would make it work! And then the Army was like “just kidding” and sent us to Long Island. I felt like someone let the air out of my balloon. Long Island? It’s only a little more than a hundred miles away from our house in New Jersey…it was hardly a change. I’ve been to New York City too many times to count. How many outdoor things could I possible do on an overcrowded island? This was far from the adventure I had hoped for.

Well like a lot of things in life, I have to eat my words. Sure the town we’re living in is very reminiscent of our home in New Jersey but there are a lot of differences. There are more outdoor activities to do than I ever thought possible and so much to do on the actual island instead of trekking into the city every weekend, not that there isn’t a ton of things to do in the city. When we decided to live the active duty life, we promised ourselves we would immerse ourselves in our temporary home as much as possible. I’ve done a lot of research and talked with the locals to come up with things we need to experience while we’re here. So without further adieu here is my Long Island bucket list.

My Long Island Bucket List | WrittenByJennifer

  • Visit the Hamptons and spy for celebrities
  • Shop for local produce at farmer’s markets 
  • Spend a weekend in Montauk
  • Tour Sleepy Hollow during Halloween
  • Walk through Rise of the Jack-o-Laterns display
  • Visit the Statue of Liberty 
  • Tour Ellis Island
  • Visit Planting Fields Arboretum during the spring
  • Get an Empire Passport for unlimited access to state parks and recreation sites
  • Have a tea date with Sophia at Chat Noir
  • Go apple picking 
  • Go pumpkin picking √
  • See the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza 
  • See the Macy’s Christmas windows 
  • Kayak along the North Shore
  • Visit the Vanderbilt Museum 
  • Attend the NYC Veteran’s Day parade
  • Visit the Bronx Zoo
  • Visit Oak Leaf Dairy farm
  • Try local beers (Greenport seems to be our favorite) 
  • Attend a Phillies – Mets game at Citi Field
  • Attend a Flyers – Rangers game at Madison Square Garden
  • Attend a Broadway show
  • Ride the subway like a regular 
  • Fly out of JFK 
  • Fly out of Laguardia
  • Fly out of MacArthur
  • Take the kids to the Long Island Children’s Museum
  • Visit the Cradle of Aviation Museum
  • Drive past the Amityville Horror house
  • Ice skate at Bryant Park
  • Visit the 9/11 Memorial
  • Tour at least three wineries
  • Do a pizza tasting tour
  • Explore Fire Island
  • Explore Shelter Island
  • Do a tasting at Greenport Harbor Brewing
  • Find a favorite bagel place 
  • Spend the day at Coney Island
  • Visit Sagamore Hill (suggested by Tim’s grandmother)
  • Attend the Belmont Stakes
  • Tour the “Gold Coast” 
  • Climb to the top of a lighthouse

It’s not a bad start for a bucket list. We have roughly two and a half years left to tackle this and we have already started chipping away at it.

Local friends, do you have any recommendations for me to put on the list?

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  1. Ali A says: Reply

    Oddly enough I’ve lived here my whole life & haven’t done a lot of these! I’m actually supposed to head into the city tomorrow and do some things on my NY F*ck It/Bucketlist (talked about that in a earlier post) and I’m SO excited. I think when we live close to a major city or in a place like Long Island we take it for granted and don’t explore all the great things our hometowns & neighboring towns have to offer. Have so much fun crossing stuff off the list! (Side note: the wineries out east are SO nice)

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      I definitely took living close to a major city for granted. I’m 32 years old, born and raised in Philadelphia for the first 15 years of my life, lived the other half twenty minutes from the city and have never seen the Liberty Bell or toured Independence Hall. The shame! 🙂

  2. Lisa @ Adventures of a Dream Catcher says: Reply

    It seems like there is so much to see. I’m glad you’re liking it more than expected and that you’re able to do the outdoorsy stuff you want to do!

  3. Erika Taryn says: Reply

    Not sure which part of LI you’re on, but we enjoy Avalon Preserve (there’s a cool labryth, and it’s right across the street from the Grist Mill) in Stony Brook; Old Bethpage Village Restoration; Polo matches at Bethpage Park; Sailboat rides on the historic Christeen out of Oyster Bay (where there’s a great car show on Tuesdays during the summer, and you can also stop in at Billy Joel’s motorcycle garage); biking or hiking The Greenbelt (Cold Spring Harbor, Massapequa, Bethpage, etc); the Oyster Fest; the Montauk Lighthouse; the Huntington Lighthouse (you take a short boat ride to get there!); berry picking; Smorgsberg (in Brooklyn – go to the one in DUMBO and then stop at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory for delicious treats and a view of the skyline from directly alongside the Brooklyn Bridge); The Brooklyn Winery (and rooftop vineyard!); Sands Point Preserve; and any of the incredible number of things we’ve got going on! I’m a Brooklyn transplant to LI – it’s a better deal than you’d think!

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      We’re on the South Shore close to Jones Beach. These are great suggestions! My husband and I are getting a few kid free days in July…I’ll have to add a few of these to our list of things to do.

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