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My Favorite Things | WrittenByJennifer

Hello there, friends! Is it just me or has this year been incredibly negative? I have a long list of things I want to complain about but it feels fruitless and only makes me cranky. Instead, I’m going to focus on things that I’m loving.

Favorite Shoes

I feel like I say this every season but I need new clothes and shoes for fall/winter. Like, I need new boots. The two pairs of boots I have are at least falling apart. I distinctly remember buying my black ones while we were out shopping for supplies in preparation for Super Storm Sandy. Those boots have lost their shape and barely stay up and my brown ones are falling apart. I don’t know why but I cringe at the thought of buying a pair of boots that are sixty or seventy dollars. I know I’ll wear them for a few years so they’re a solid investment but it’s still a hang up. I lucked out when a friend recommended two pairs of boots, one riding and one bootie style, and their price point is ah-maz-ing! They were both available on Amazon of all places! I bought the booties in brown/camel color and the riding boots in black. They’re perfect and comfortable. The riding boots even fit my wide calves. (Disclaimer: links for each of these boots are affiliate links.)

Favorite Local

I enjoy taking the kids to our favorite beach spot but there’s only so much sitting in the sand you can do. We were desperate to get the kids outside last Sunday. I had pinned an article about must-do things on Long Island this summer and Avalon Park and Preserve was on the list. It boasts hiking trails, some meadows, and great scenery. I imagine it is gorgeous is the fall with all the trees. I’m already thinking about finding a photographer to go back with us and do a family photo shoot. Oh and did I mention it’s free? We didn’t spend one cent to enjoy the day, which is rarity on Long Island.

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Favorite Eat

You didn’t think I’d do one of these posts without a food entry, did you? This California Chicken Flatbread is delicious! I’ve made it at least four times this summer. It’s so easy. I’ve grilled fresh chicken, used leftovers, I bet this would even be good with grilled shrimp. The sauce is delicious too although I use a Greek yogurt base with a bit of ranch dressing and milk plus the seasoning. I’m already thinking about switching it up for a more fall themed flavor.

My Favorite Things #6: California Chicken Flatbread by Creme de la Crumb
(c) Creme de la Crumb

Favorite Meme

I realize it’s still hovering around ninety degrees here but I cannot wait for fall! It’s been a great summer but I love the cool weather and all the harvest type activities that go along with it. We also have plans for visits with our friends, camping, and sports (read: kids will be thoroughly exhausted). One thing I am not looking forward to like a crazy person is pumpkin spice. I do not get this hype, I don’t drink coffee, and I’d rather just mix my whiskey with apple cider instead of lemonade.

My Favorite Things #6: Back to School Celebration via Keisha Gardner

Favorite Can’t Wait

For the kids to go back to school! Save me your warnings of “you’ll miss them when they’re gone” and “don’t rush them to grow up” because I’m not listening. According to Phineas & Ferb there’s one hundred and four days of summer and I have determine that seventy-nine of those days are too many to be spent together. The kids are at one another’s throats and I’m barely holding on to my sanity between shouts of “leaving each other ALONE!” Honestly, it’s a miracle I don’t drink every day. School is going to be good for all of us.

My Favorite Things #6: Back to School Celebration via Keisha Gardner
(c) Keisha Gardner

So there you have, some of the things I’m loving right now. What are you favorite things?

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  1. that flatbread looks amazing! And how have I never heard of the Avalon Park?!

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      I found it in a random “What You Should Do on L.I. This Summer” article. It is a wonderful place to just disconnect for a little bit.

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