My Favorite Things {#2}

I’m back in New Jersey for a long weekend with Tim and the kids visiting with family and friends before Thanksgiving. In addition to our favorite people, we’ll be hitting up all of our favorite New Jersey things like Wawa, this teeny, tiny run-down Chinese food place by our former house, outlets, and places that pump the gas for us; just to name a few. Speaking of favorites…it’s time for another edition of my favorite things. Let’s get to it!

My Favorite Things | Written By Jennifer

Favorite local. Tim’s mom and her husband came to visit us over Halloween weekend which means we got a date night without having to pay for a babysitter. WooHoo! We decided to try out a tapas place up the street from us but the Yelp review said it was more bar food than traditional tapas and it recommended we try a true tapas restaurant a few towns over. I could kiss that Yelp reviewer because Salumi was amazing! I ordered the white wine flight and Tim ordered Weihenstephan’s Oktoberfest beer. We went crazy with the food because we go big or go home. We ordered the Italian meat and cheese board, the shrimp, pork belly bocadillo, and a harvest couscous salad that was one of the evening’s specials. Our favorites were the meat & cheese board and the couscous salad. If you’re ever in the Massapequa area check this place out.

My Favorite Things |Salumi Tappas | Written By Jennifer

Favorite art. These hand drawn images are just perfect! Artist Lainey Lee uses pop culture references for her inspiration (Irene Adler and Beyonce anyone?). Her style is fun and vibrant…they would be perfect for a fun office or maybe a kid’s room. I’d like to see if I could get a ballerina/dancer for Sophia’s room since she’s crazy into dance right now.

My Favorite Things - Lainey Lee Prints

Favorite to do list. Chelsea over at The Girl Who Loved to Write came up with a pretty extensive list of things to do in November. She has some goal type things, like participate in NaNoWriMo, fun things, like watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and lots of holiday items to check of for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Do you have any must-do things to do this month?

My Favorite Things | Spending November To Do List | Written By Jennifer

Favorite blogging tool. As you know it’s only been a few weeks since I’ve launched this blog and with it being my second go around with a blog I know more about what I should and shouldn’t be doing. One of those things is monitoring my Google Analytics. For those of your that are bloggers or are new, Google Analytics are all the who/what/where of who’s visiting my blog. It’s important for goal setting, dealing with advertisers, etc. but damn if it isn’t confusing at times. I found this template from Graphicadi through a blogging group and decided to give it a try. It’s so simple to install into your existing Google Analytics and the data it collects is perfect for creating a media kit. If you have a blog I suggest your 1.) get Google Analytics if you don’t already have it and 2.) install this kit. And the best part is it’s free!!

Graphicadi Google Analytics Media Kit Dashboard | My Favorite Things | Written By Jennifer

Favorite dessert. You can keep your pumpkin-spice flavored whatever. I know, I’m probably the only person in America who doesn’t like pumpkin but it’s my burden to bear. I usually need to bring a dessert to Thanksgiving because I don’t want to be stuck eating gross pumpkin pie. My go to is either apple or pecan pie and this year I think I’m leaning towards pecan after I came across this amazing looking pie from Teigan at Half Baked Harvest. Sure it has a pumpkin pie element that I’m totally going to ignore when I set out to make it but you know what it does have? Salt, bourbon, pecans, and a ton of sugar! Sign me up!

Salted Bourbon Pecan Pumpkin Pie from Half Baked Harvest | My Favorite Things | Written By Jennifer

What are some of your favorite things lately? Tell me in comments. For these and other favorites head over to my Pinterest board.

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