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Move Update | WrittenByJennifer

So…it’s been a while. I had planned to write much earlier than this especially after the semi-cliffhanger I left you with in my last post regarding our upcoming move to Iowa. But then the election happened and it completely turned me off from the internet for a while; which is somewhat difficult to do when you base your career on social media. I don’t want to get into all of that. I have my own thoughts on that whole thing and I’m sure you do, too so let’s just leave it at that.

Move Update | WrittenByJennifer

Last I wrote, I had mentioned that we thought we had a reasonable amount of time to arrange our move and we did. The Army wasn’t requesting Tim to report to his new unit until late March. That gave us roughly five months, which in military life is amazing. Our last move was two months start to finish. We were game with taking things slow and steady over five months this time around. But then I started thinking…

Getting the kids settled in a new school at the end of March would only give them roughly eight weeks to get settled and make a friend or two before the end of the school year (the school year is earlier there than where we’re at now). We’re asking a lot of them so we thought it would only be fair to give them to best chance to settle into their new home and school. So instead of moving after Tim comes home from his six week class, we’re moving while he’s there. Actually the kids and I (and the cat) will start our road trip before he even leaves for school and possibly the same day all of our possessions are being loaded on a truck.

And we’re doing it immediately after the new year.


Because I’m crazy I guess. I’m not remotely worried about the prospect of driving halfway across the country with two kids and a cat by myself though. I’m not sure if that means I’ve completely lost my mind or what. I have a lot of faith in the kids.

Move Update | WrittenByJennifer
I hope this isn’t me before we even reach Ohio.

We’ve done the drive to the Outer Banks and back to Long Island by ourselves and that was ten hours of traffic. This will be a longer trip but a lot less traffic. And there’s no one in diapers anymore. (Woohoo!)

We’ve also set ourselves up for a quick transition. I traveled to Des Moines the day after the election and spent two days shopping for a rental home. I found one, we made an offer the day I left, and we secured everything the following week. Now I’m working on getting both kids completely registered in their respective schools. Getting a first hand look at the area before we showed up was the best thing I could have done. We did the same thing before we moved to Long Island last year. It ensures we won’t be spending any time other than our travel days living out of a hotel and that the kids, especially Sophia, won’t miss anymore school than absolutely necessary.

I’m not going to lie…we’re excited.

Move Update | WrittenByJennifer

I have high hopes for our time in Iowa. The area we’ll be living is newer and well planned. Tim’s office is much closer and the traffic, if you want to even call it that, is a breath of fresh air compared to what we’re used to as East Coasters.

So that’s where we’re at. We went from five months to less than sixty days when we changed our mind and now we’re down to just about a month. A month!


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  1. Wow! That’s exciting! I’m at a place where I’m wishing we had orders now instead of waiting until Summer!

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      Of the most envy inducing parts of military life is when everyone else I know is getting orders and I’m over like “I’m soooo bored!!” Haha! 🙂 I hope you get your dream orders sooner rather than later.

  2. Crazy! Can’t believe you’re leaving so soon; feel like you just got here. Wishing you the best of luck in your new adventure!

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      We did just get here. Haha! It won’t even be 18 months when we leave. It’s crazy but these short stints happen to everyone at least once in a career. Now that his promotion timeline synchronizes with his station timeline it should be much more stable for us.

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