March Recap

March Recap | WrittenByJennifer

I have no idea how it is already April (although it doesn’t feel like it at 27 degrees). March was much better than February though. We got out of the house and did things like visit a farm and cuddled with baby goats, had brunch with friends, helped a friend pick out her wedding gown, and watched all of House of Cards season four. But I also worked on my goals for the month so let’s get to the full March recap.

March Recap | WrittenByJennifer


I got off to another slow start this month but I more than made up for it in the last two to three weeks. I’ve been working on the rewrite with a major change in the format and it has been like a key unlocking the flood gate. The majority of my ideas have clicked into place. I’m also having a period of confidence which is refreshing when most of the time I’m convinced it’s the most God-awful drivel anyone has ever put to paper. I’m going to keep up with this

House to Home

I found a spring wreath at the most unlikely of places…CVS. For $14.99 or something like that who am I to argue? I also found a photo mat for one of the empty picture frames hanging on the stairwell wall. I hung up one of our wedding photos. I always forget how many awesome photographs we have from our wedding, our photographer was outstanding. I’ll have to share my favorites on here one day. I did not get a mat for the other frame though. Well I did, I got a quote for a custom cut for $15 or $16 but they wanted another $15 for shipping. Am I the only one who thinks that’s a ridiculous amount of money to pay for shipping something that weighs less than a pound? So I’m back to the drawing board. Tim wants me to get a piece of “white cardboard and cut a hole in it” <—direct quote. I want something a little more refined and a bit more inexpensive. I also saw an awesome sign at Marshall’s and couldn’t pass it up for Sophia’s room.

March Recap | WrittenByJennifer

Get Fit

This was another area that I was slow to start with in March but I ended on a high note. I finally got back to running a continuous mile. I switched up my gym routine, instead of going in the morning I started going after Tim came home from work and it’s made all the difference in my stamina and will power. The day I hit my mile I felt awesome, both mentally and physically. I was able to repeat it the next time I went to the gym and had I not had a treadmill malfunction my last time I feel like I would have done it again. It’s a great feeling. My plan is to add increments to my distance over the next few months until I’m up to two miles and then work on speed. By the end of April, I’d like to be up to a mile and a quarter pushing towards a mile and a half.

April begins a marathon of social events for us from now until August. I’m hoping all of the parties and events don’t sidetrack my goals. I’d like to say it won’t but when I get overwhelmed and tired I know the best thing is to lighten my load. I’ve tried to schedule reasonable amounts of writing time and gym time so we’ll see.

What did you accomplish in March? What are your goals for April?

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  1. Gina says: Reply

    Good luck with your running! 🙂 I remember when I started again it was baby steps before I took the big plunge into races with a friend!

    Frames are tricky, I’m such a cheapie when it comes to that, that most of my pictures are in the $5 ones from WalMart. But the pictures look good and that’s what counts, right? 😀

    I’m desperately hoping the weather turns around this month, I have a little over a month before my half-marathon race! Yikes!

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      I imagine this hasn’t been ideal training weather. Best of luck!

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