Live From Iowa!

Live From Iowa! | WrittenByJennifer

I’m coming to you live from suburban Des Moines, Iowa! We made it!!

The eleven hundred mile drive wasn’t bad at all. Long Island’s final gift to me was absolutely zero traffic on Monday morning when we left. It took me thirty-six minutes to get from the Southern State Parkway to the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge. It was a Christmas miracle! Locals will understand why that is just awesome. I had expected that trip to take an hour and a half, easily. The worst part of the drive? Pennsylvania and Ohio. Oh my God, it was such a boring part of the trip and the weather sucked. The highlight of the trip, other than pulling into our new driveway, was crossing the Mississippi River. Sure I’ve flown over the Mississippi before but to drive over it and see it up close was an awesome experience.

The kids and I have been in our new house since Wednesday. We finally got cable and internet on Saturday. Our furniture and other household goods should be here on Tuesday. I have never missed a chair before but I definitely miss chairs. Also, I didn’t realize how many of my recipes rely on a can opener…should have thought that one through. Oh well!

I have a lot of thoughts on our move that I want to share, both logistics and reflections, but I cannot sit on this floor one more minute. So stay tuned for those posts.

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  1. Congrats! Looking forward to reading about all your Iowa adventures (and I hope you get that can opener)

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