January Recap

January Recap | WrittenByJennifer

Can you believe it? We’re already done January. This past month feels like it’s gone by in the blink of an eye and crawled along all at once. January is always a reset month for us. We take down the Christmas decorations, set the house back in order, and get the kids back into the swing of our regular schedule, which now includes school for both of them. For me it’s also a month that requires me to figure out how I’m going to tackle the year. it’s also time for a recap.

At the beginning of the month, I introduced my word of the year, “completion”. I talked about how I wanted to complete three major projects over the course of the year and I set out my first goals. I also said I would do a monthly check-ins to hold myself accountable, see where I’m at, and how I can improve or adjust my plans.

January Recap | WrittenByJennifer


First up is my novel. I said I wanted to be finished my first draft by the beginning of February and begin editing it shortly after. To my surprise, I finished it the first week in January. The following weekend, I went out and bought printer ink, a legal pad, and some red pens. I printed out all two hundred six pages and started my first attempt at an edit. There’s a lot of red, which I expected. There are also a lot of questions I have for myself and areas that need some more meat on their bones. I thought I would loathe the editing process but it’s interesting to see the ebb and flow in my mood or energy while I was writing. It also went a lot faster than I thought it would…only three weeks, which makes me panic that I’ve completely messed up somehow but *shrug* it’s not like this will be the only pass I’ll ever give it, not by a long shot.

Now that I’ve got my first round of editing done, I’m going to work on the rewrite in February. I need to make changes not only grammatically but also related to plot, structure, and iron out some more details. I’m thinking this is going to take me about six to eight weeks to accomplish, so when I check-in at the end of February I want to be about fifty to seventy-five percent complete.

House to Home

Oh this house, for the most part I love it. It gets great light during the day from all of the windows and it’s big enough for all four of us to spread out. I really should do a tour for you one day. But it’s a rental and it imposes a lot of restrictions on us when it comes to making it our own. Technically, we could paint but then we’d have to paint it back to the cream color it is now before we moved out. Frankly, that’s one project I just don’t want to attempt. So…I need to accessorize the hell out of this house. This month I worked on a photograph collage on the wall leading up the stairs. It’s not finished. I have two frames that require custom matts. I think I’ve found a place that will make them for a reasonable price, I simply need to pull the trigger.

January Recap | WrittenByJennifer

We have a lot of neutral colors throughout our downstairs. Most of our furniture is neutral browns, grays, and blacks because we had bolder paint colors in our former house so it worked. Now? Not so much. I’m struggling to fill in the wall by the front door, our little entryway if you will, and do something with our dining room. I’m sure a colorful rug under our table would help immensely but then the idea of dealing with smashed in food turns me off. Am I the only one with kids who eat like rabid animals?

January Recap | WrittenByJennifer

For next month’s check-in, I want to have the wall nearest the front door completed with something colorful or interesting. Any ideas to help me out?

Get Fit

My third goal for this year is to be able to pass the Army physical fitness test. I need a measurable way to see that I’m improving and actually meeting a standard that isn’t completely arbitrary. Since Tim has to meet the standards set forth by the Army, I thought it would be a good way to train together. For my age bracket, I need to complete a 2 mile run in 20:42 minutes or less and 42 sit ups and 15 push ups in two minutes or less. Surprisingly, I’m pretty good on my sit ups and push ups but my run, PHEW!, it’s not pretty. I’ve been going to the gym and hitting the treadmill at least twice a week. I have noticed an increase in my stamina over the past month…I ran three quarters of a mile without stopping this past Thursday. I know it doesn’t seem like much but considering I was struggling after a quarter mile in the beginning of the month I’m counting it as a big improvement.

By the end of February, I want to be able to continuously run a mile. The speed doesn’t matter yet, I just want to be able to do it. I’ll also keep up with my weight routine.

Now that I wrote down what I’ve actually accomplished this month makes me feel even more badass. I did these things and I kept up with two kids and our house didn’t burn down to the ground. That’s a win in my book.

What did you accomplish in January? What are your goals for February?

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  1. Ali A says: Reply

    I’m so impressed you’re writing a novel! I cannot even imagine. Blogging is perfect for my short attention span because I can plug away at a post for an hour and then move on from it and take a break.. I can’t imagine the time, energy and dedication involved in writing an actual book. Good for you! Also…house looks great!

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      Thanks! The novel has been a long time coming, I’ve attempted to write one many times and usually quit a few pages in. This one in particular has been about 2 years in the making so far because my attention was always on it. I don’t know how people like Stephen King or Nicholas Sparks crank out book after book every year.

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