It Was a Good Year

It Was a Good Year | WrittenByJennifer

It was a very good year. Truly.

I remember anxiously counting down the last days of 2016. The new year would bring us a new home, a new adventure, and an escape from a place we loathed. This past week I’ve been in awe that this year is now over. I haven’t been counting down days, I haven’t felt rushed to get through the days with the hope of something better.

We did so much this year. Not just the business of everyday life but things we actually wanted to do. We camped, we traveled, we tried new things, we let go of things that took up space & time in our lives. We made new friends and celebrated life with our existing friends.

It wasn’t all great things for us this year though. My aunt died in July. I want to say it wasn’t unexpected but can you ever really say that when someone dies at 52? We traveled back to New Jersey, a place we no longer call home, and gathered with family to grieve. It has affected our family tremendously and will forever.

When I look back on this year though, I can’t help thinking “it was a good year”. The bad was buffered by the good. We were gifted with family time, reminded of memories, and provided experiences and opportunities to make new memories.

If 2017 wasn’t as kind to you as you hoped, I wish 2018 is. Happy New Year!

It Was a Good Year | WrittenByJennifer

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