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My Favorite Things | WrittenByJennifer

Hello! How are you on this fine Monday? Did you get to sleep in because your workplace was closed for MLK Day or are you like me and have a job that closes for nothing (e.g. parenting/work from home)? Whether you’re bumming around your house in pajamas all day or are being forced to interact with people who also don’t have the day off, I have a little distraction for you in the form of the latest installment of “My Favorite Things”. You can click on the pictures to go to each source.

My Favorite Things | WrittenByJennifer

Favorite eat. It wouldn’t be a list of my favorite things without a food item. I love Teighan’s recipes. They’re unique and eclectic but also have mass appeal. This pasta is no exception. It’s essentially French onion soup and creamy pasta mixed together. Who doesn’t love that combination? The flavor was rich with the caramelized onions and cream and the cheese gave it a nice tang. And Tiegan is serious when she says this is a one pot dish. I made everything in my cast iron skillet and popped it in the oven at the end. Boom!

One Pot Creamy French Onion Pasta Bake via Half Baked Harvest | My Favorite Things | WrittenByJennifer

Favorite shoe. I love shoes, especially heels and boots. Heels + boots = my favorite. One of the biggest drawbacks to working at home/staying at home with the kids has been the lack of spectacular shoewear. I used to wear heels four out of five days a week when I worked in an office, even when I was pregnant. You can understand my instant attraction to these boots then. Sadly, I’ll just have to lust after them because I have nowhere to wear them that would offset the price (although for a pair of boots this spectacular it’s a steal). Also, this whole winter floral outfit Alicia put together is on point.

Steve Madden Above the Knee Boot via | My Favorite Things | WrittenByJennifer

Favorite laugh. We’ve had it fairly easy here in New York this year when it comes to the winter weather. I mean, it hasn’t even snowed yet!!! (Which is utter bullshit and a rant for another day.) But the days it has been cold, it’s been COLD! The kind of cold that threatens to freeze off your appendages so you bundle up but it really hampers any effort you put into looking semi-cute. Allison gets me. Her whole post on what it’s like for us ladies during winter is spot on.

-(Looks at razor) Nope, not shaving off any hairs; I need them all for warmth. – Allison

That line had me cracking up. We’ve all been there!

Going Out in Winter: The Struggle via | My Favorite Things | WrittenByJennifer

Favorite local. We’ve been on Long Island for almost six months already. I’m still trying to explore the area as much as possible but the winter weather is making that a bit difficult. I’ve made some friends and we made plans for a much needed girls night out right after the holidays. After our original plans fell through we decided to meet up at a new wine bar called Vintage. It’s tucked on the end of this cute little row of bars and restaurants in Farmingdale. In addition to a healthy selection of wines, they had an impressive menu of tapas. We ordered quite a few and they were all delicious. We also took full advantage of their free birthday bottle of wine promotion and I fell in love with the David Stone Pinot Noir that the birthday girl chose. That’s a big thing for me since I’m more of a white wine drinker. The prices were right too…for all the food and the second bottle of wine we ordered the bill came to about $120 for four people. A steal!

Vintage Wine Bar Menu Farmingdale, NY | My Favorite Things | WrittenByJennifer

Favorite tribute. It was a rough week for amazing artists last week. Both David Bowie and Alan Rickman passed away. Their loss is sad and surprising. They didn’t share their struggles with cancer so their deaths were shocking to everyone. There have been so many great tributes put out on the internet and it’s times like this that I’m glad people use the internet for sharing their thoughts and feelings but damn if this one didn’t get me right in the feels when I saw it posted on Thursday in response to Alan Rickman’s passing.

Battle of Hogwarts Tribute to Alan Rickman | My Favorite Things | WrittenByJennifer

What are some of your favorite things lately? Tell me in comments. For these and other favorites head over to my Pinterest board.

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  1. No day off for me. 🙁

  2. Ali A says: Reply

    Loved the shout out, thank you! Life imitated art this morning because I lived that entire post as I got ready for work. It’s BRUTAL outside; stay warm!!! I’ll have to check out that wine bar/tapas place – I’m always looking to venture outta Long Beach 🙂

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      I have to venture out with two kids for a Trader Joe’s run this morning. I’ll have to tweet you a picture after the hour of getting all three of us dressed.

      If you like tapas, have you tried Salumi in Massapequa? Delicious, great portion sizes, and really reasonable.

  3. Tawnya says: Reply

    That pasta looks amazing and I love those over the knee boots, especially paired with the floral dress.

    1. Jennifer says: Reply

      The pasta was AMAZING! I love the look of winter florals but I’m not sure if I could pull them off. Alicia has great style though…you should check out her other outfits.

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