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Big News | WrittenByJennifer

We received some big news last week. No, I’m not pregnant. I will smack anyone who immediately makes that their guess any time I say I have news to share. No, we found out that Tim was selected for promotion.

You’re probably like “That’s cool” but a promotion is so much more in the military than throwing your hat in for consideration or your boss calling you in and surprising you with the nod. This has been in the works for years. Tim last promoted right after he came home from deployment in 2010. Literally…I pinned his new rank on at the homecoming ceremony.

Big News | WrittenByJennifer

In those six years, he’s  attended classes (so many classes), took on more responsibility, and shifted his military career into full time. He also has had to keep in top physical condition and not only has he met the requirements, he’s exceeded them, and keeps working on improving his performance. All of this has added up not only to a promotion but to rank number fifteen out of the almost two hundred people who were selected for promotion in his specialty. That means he’s in the top ten percent and that’s not counting all of the people who applied for promotion but weren’t accepted.

So yeah, this promotion is a big deal and since Tim won’t make a big deal about it, I will.

But with all things military, it’s not as simple as putting on the new rank. First, there’s a six week class he needs to take and “Big Army”, as we call it, needs to enroll him in it. When will it happen? We have no idea. Once he graduates from that class, he’ll get orders from Big Army because there’s no room for him at his new rank at his current unit. What does that mean? It means there are a few scenarios and of course we have zero say in making a decision for any of them. We could be told he’s assigned to a new unit & we’re moving, we could be told he’s moving to another local unit, or the current unit magically made room for him. The last two options mean we would stay here and are basically my biggest fear. I don’t hate Long Island but damn, I can’t wait to leave.

We waited four months from the day he submitted his promotion packet to reading the list. There was so much waiting and a few false hopes that the list would be out sooner. Now we’re back to waiting again and when we finally do get movement on the class it will most likely be short notice and a mad dash to get things squared away before he’s gone. And then it’ll be more waiting and probably another mad dash if we have to move. Oh Army, I love you, I really do despite all this nonsense.

In the meantime, we’re trying to sit back and bask in the glow of Tim’s latest success.

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  1. How exciting! Congrats to your hubs!

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