About Jennifer

Hello there and thank you for visiting Written By Jennifer! If you haven’t caught on by now my name is Jennifer. I go by Jenn most of the time. You can call me whatever you’d like but don’t expect me to respond to anything beside Jennifer or Jenn.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I’ve been published in local newspapers, the Fort Lewis Ranger, and featured on BlogHer and SheKnows. I write because because I have to and I love it. I hope to bring a piece of myself to you, provide you with a different perspective, a laugh, or something else.

When I’m not writing, I’m running the gauntlet of life with a husband and two kids. I’ve been married to Tim since November 2008.Written-By-Jennifer He’s served with the U.S. Army for twenty years as a Reservist and recently made the switch over to active duty. We moved to Long Island, NY this past summer for his first active duty tour. It pains my Philadelphia sports teams heart to be in enemy territory but I’m dealing the best I can.

Written-By-JenniferOur daughter, Sophia, was born in June 2011. She is our artist. Our son, Jack, was born in April 2013 and he’s our clown and go with the flow guy. They are the biggest source of joy and frustration in our lives. To round out our family, we have a cat named Ares.

I also find time to read, cook, obsess over Sherlock plot theories, and hot glue the occasion craft. I have a penchant for sunglasses and wish I had more opportunities to wear hats.

I hope you enjoy what I have to share!