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  • April Recap

    Is it me or is the year moving along at a break neck pace? It’s taken me longer than usual to write this recap post because all the days seem to blur together and I’ve had a difficult time remembering what happened when. The one thing I know that happened in April is I got […]

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  • Closing a Blog: A Goodbye

    Saying to Good-Bye to a Blog | WrittenByJennifer

    I started blogging nearly eight year ago, right after we came back from our mini-moon. I took a much needed break last year from blogging and when it was time to come back I started fresh. I didn’t go back to my original one, but it was still out there, like an open door.¬†On Wednesday […]

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  • What I’ve Read Lately

    What I've Read Lately | WrittenByJennifer

    In typical me fashion, I went on a binge recently. Not a drinking binge or a chocolate binge or an exercise binge, although God knows I need the last one. No, the last two months or so I went on a reading binge. Binge has such a negative connotation doesn’t it but then so does […]