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  • It Was a Good Year

    It Was a Good Year | WrittenByJennifer

    It was a very good year. Truly. I remember anxiously counting down the last days of 2016. The new year would bring us a new home, a new adventure, and an escape from a place we loathed. This past week I’ve been in awe that this year is now over. I haven’t been counting down […]

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  • I Don’t Have Time For This Shit

    I Don't Have Time For This Shit | WrittenbyJennifer

    There are times in my life where I have crystal clear moments of clarity. Moments when I can step back and fully appreciate that bullshit that is taking place and somehow corralled me into its circus. It’s almost an out of body experience; like I’m part of a movie montage where some spirit is trying […]

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  • It’s Safe to Say I’m In Love

    It's Safe to Say I'm In Love | WrittenByJennifer.com

    You know that elated, high on life feeling when you first meet someone and they just get you? Your heart flutters a little any time you think about them or see them. The more you get to know this person the more you’re wondering where they have been until now. You want to find a […]

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  • Something New

    Something New | WrittenByJennifer.

    Hello there! Yes, I’m still here, alive and well. Iowa did not swallow me whole. Actually the complete opposite. I fucking love it here! That’s a topic for another day though. It’s been super quiet around here over the last few months. At first I chalked it up to moving and the holidays but after […]